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Dual - Credit Programs: AP, Running Start, Tech Prep

Advanced Placement (Click here for more information)

The Advanced Placement program involves college-level courses and exams offered at MLHS. Students have the opportunity to earn and receive credit for AP courses when they go to college. The AP courses are designed to add challenging, college-level material, and expectations to the high school curriculum. These classes provide a greater depth of study and the opportunity to strengthen analytical thinking and reasoning skills. College credit is determined by AP exam score and college placement.

Running Start (Click here for more information)

The Running Start program is an opportunity for Juniors and/or Seniors to take classes at a college and have them count for high school and college credit. The school district covers tuition for up to 15 college-level credits.

Tech Prep

Tech Prep classes are taught at the high school or Skills Center and integrate academics with technical skills to prepare students for college, business, and industry.  Students must earn a B or higher to receive college credit.