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Dual-Credit Programs and FAQ's

What is a Dual Credit?


Dual credit is a credit that counts toward a high school diploma and college or career-type courses. Each program that offers dual credits is a little different and specialized toward certain goals.
For example, a student may take a course through any of these Dual Credit Programs and earn college credit or credits toward a technical degree while also completing high school graduation requirements.
Watch the video below to get an overview of what Dual Credit is by one of our school counselors, Mr. Valencia!

What are AP courses? (Click here for more information)

AP stands for Advanced Placement. The Advanced Placement program involves college-level courses and exams offered at MLHS. Students have the opportunity to earn and receive credit for AP courses when they go to college. The AP courses are designed to add challenging, college-level material, and expectations to the high school curriculum. These classes provide a greater depth of study and the opportunity to strengthen analytical thinking and reasoning skills. College credit is determined by AP exam scores and college placement.

Advanced Placement (AP) Questions:

-What is different about AP classes? 

AP classes offer a college-level curriculum and workload. In these classes, students are able to experience what a real college class would be like in terms of workload and grading expectations.


-If I take an AP class, do I have to take the exam? Participation in the AP Exam administration in May is highly encouraged as part of the AP designation at Moses Lake High School. Scores earned on an AP exam are not included as part of the final grade in the AP course. Students are responsible to pay the AP exam fee.


-When I take an AP class, do I automatically get college credit?

No. You must complete the course, take the AP exam and pass the test with a 3 or higher, though some colleges only accept 4s and 5s for credit.
List of AP courses MLHS offers (based on enrollment)
AP English Lang & Composition
AP English Lit & Composition
AP Psychology
AP Human Geography
AP European History
AP United States History
AP US Government & Politics
AP Macroeconomics
AP World History
AP Statistics
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Environmental Science
AP Spanish Language
AP Art Studio: 2D

What is Running Start? (Click here for more information)

The Running Start program is an opportunity for Juniors and/or Seniors to take classes at a college and have them count for high school and college credit. The school district covers tuition for up to 15 college-level credits each quarter. Typically students in our school district attend Big Bend Community College (BBCC) during their junior and senior years.
Watch the video below to better understand our Running Start Program by one of our school counselors, Ms. Gonzalez

Running Start Questions


-Do I have to register for classes during High School registration if I’m planning to do RS next year?

We recommend that you register for classes at the High School just in case you change your mind and don’t end up in classes because others are full.

-What do I have to do if I want to do RS?

  1.  Read the Running Start Handbook that can be found on our High School website.
  2. Set up a meeting with your counselor to clarify questions and review requirements.  
  3. Take Placement tests at BBCC in early spring- confirm your decision with your MLHS counselor.
  4. Fill out and submit a BBCC application.
  5. Attend a Registration session at BBCC.

-Is there anything else I can provide besides taking placement tests for approval into college-level English and math?

You can provide BBCC with an official copy of your transcript that you request from eParchment.

(An English SBAC score of 3 or 4, a PSAT score of 480 or higher is required.)

-What classes do I have to take at the college for my high school requirements?

They can be found on pages 6 and 7 of the Running Start Handbook. To help guide you, look at Grad Requirements in Skyward.

-What is the difference between the credits at the college and at the high school?

Credit Conversion Table is on page 7 of the Running Start Handbook but most classes that are worth 5 credits at BBCC transfer over as 1 full credit at the high school. Essentially, in one quarter you get a full year of English, maths, science, history, etc.

-How many credits can I earn?

If you take a full load every quarter that is 15 credits which transfer as 3 credits to MLHS; 3 quarters will give you 9 credits in a year.


-When do High School requirements need to be completed?

By the end of the Winter Quarter of your senior year.

-When do I hand in my first verification form?

You will meet with your high school counselor before each quarter; the first one will be done during Chief Days in August.

-Can I take classes at the high school and at the college?

Yes, you can but there is a limit as to how many you can take at either place.  You should talk to your high school counselor when deciding.

What are Tech Prep and CBTech? 
Tech Prep classes are taught at the high school or (CBTech) Skills Center and integrate academics with technical skills to prepare students for college, business, and industry. Students must earn a B or higher to receive college credit.CBTech is the Columbia Basin Technical Skills Center where students can attend technical and trade-like classes to receive dual credits. Think link provides the CBTech’s program overviews. CB Tech Program Listing - Programs 
The CBTech website has great videos that go into more depth about what their programs offer and how to enroll!

CBTech Questions


What programs are offered at CBTech? 

Click here for CBTech Programs 

*indicates an offsite location

  • Automated Manufacturing and Design (Engineering)
  • Welding and Manufacturing
  • Automotive Technology*
  • Construction Trades
  • Cosmetology*
  • Criminal Justice
  • Culinary Arts
  • Digital Arts and Filmmaking am session only
  • Entrepreneurship/Marketing
  • Flight Technology am session only
  • Professional Medical Careers
  • Video Game Programming 

How many credits at the high school do I get for taking CBTech courses? 

CBTECH students earn a total of 3 credits at the high school after completing the hours required in both semesters. Each program earns different high school credit equivalencies. You can find those equivalencies here: CBTECH Equivalencies