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Moses Lake High School
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High School and Beyond Plan

High School & Beyond Plan Lessons are delivered through student's grade level Homeroom class on Monday's. 
Student's save their HSBP  lessons on the My School Data online platform (access below). 
Online High School and Beyond Plan: My School Data - Click Here 
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Seniors (Class of 2024) Minimum requirements for the High School & Beyond Plan to be completed in Homeroom: 

(Please ignore the following sections in the HSBP: Middle School Assessment Results, Endorsements, Four Year Course Plan, Graduation Pathways, and Requirements Review…these are completed outside of the online HSBP portfolio.)


Class of 2024 HSBP Lessons - Click Here


Class of 2024 HSBP Requirements:


  1. Personality Survey (upload to HSBP)
  2. Career Interest Inventory (upload to HSBP
  3. My Goals (top 3 career interests and plan after high school graduation)
  4. Personalized Pathway (complete all 6 questions)
  5. My Experiences (complete all 3 questions)
  6. Financial Planning (complete all 3 questions)
  7. Resume (upload to HSBP)
  8. Profile Questions - Thoughtfully answer each question:
    1. Who Am I?
    2. What Can I Become?
    3. How Will I Become That?