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Press release


Tennis Doubles

District Champions: Malika Warnick (left) and Amelie Gregoire (right) win the doubles district title at West Valley

Baseball District Champs
District Champions: Baseball wins districts at West Valley

Photo by: Rebecca Pettingill
Baseball Signing: Seth Olson (left), Jackson Purcell (center), Carson Janke (right) 

MLHS Chamber Choir at Nashville

Press Release

press release

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In alignment with the Washington Department of Health’s updated school safety requirements, the following COVID-19 mitigation protocols will be implemented for ALL winter sports:


December 17, 2021 
  • Vaxed or not, all high-risk indoor activities must now test 3x a week.  That includes basketball, wrestling, and cheer for players, coaches, and support personnel.
  • Vaxed or not, low and moderate risk must now test 1x a week.  That would include girls bowling, unified basketball, drill team, boys swim & dive, and sports medicine for players, coaches, and support personnel.
  • For those minors that have not tested prior with the school (because they were vaxed or in low or moderate risk sport), they must submit their parent consent form prior to their first test.  English and Spanish versions are available to download below the right-side menu.-------------------------------> 
  • Spectators at our contests need to be reminded that we need their help in following the masking compliance inside our venues.  Please do your part to keep our current opportunity available to our student-athletes.  We have it posted on all digital tickets, posted at our venues and we announce that masks are required in our buildings.  
  • Student-athletes can still play without masks, but when not playing, congregating or on the bench inside (just like in school), they should mask up.  Coaches should be masked unless in a drill with kids at practice.
  • Based on our game schedules for our HS teams, we intend to do the following:
    Cheer, basketball, and wrestling players, coaches and support personnel will test Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  No test, no practice or games. 
    Unified basketball and girls bowling players, coaches and support personnel will test Tuesdays.  No test, no practice or games. 
    Drill team, Boys Swim & dive, and sports medicine players, coaches and support personnel will test Thursdays.  No test, no practice or games. 
Testing is free of charge and performed by our school nurse, Liz Pray.




Athletic Department

803 E. Sharon Ave.

Moses Lake, WA  98837


Loren Sandhop                                               Clint Scriven                                       Jennifer Gaddis

Athletic Director                                             Asst. Athletic Director                        Athletic Secretary

509/766-2666 X 40109                                   509/766-2666 X 40114                       509/766-2666 X 40110



Gameday tickets are purchased online through Ticket Spicket at Once an account and password are attained, fans can purchase Big 9 league game tickets on the site of the home school for $5 per adult or $3 for Sr. Citizen or Student. 

** Tickets are only available online (will not appear on site until 24 hrs. prior to event).  NO CASH SALES at events.  All MLHS Sporting Events require that non-high school students must be accompanied by a parent.

***All Big 9 Schools will utilize Ticket Spicket this year, so this account will be used for “league” road games.


For fans: Quick Start Guide

Video for fans: Video: Buying Tickets & Checking in


YEARLONG PASSES for MLHS HOME EVENTS (not valid at away events, playoffs, or special events).

The following must be purchased in the MLHS Office during regular business hours (7 AM to 3:30 PM Daily)


Family Passes Immediate Family for $150 ($0 Free & Reduced- F&R);

Single Adults for $75 ($50 F&R);

MS Student for $20 ($10 F&R); 

HS ASB Card for $50 ($0 F&R);

Golden Ages Pass is Free to Sr. Citizens, (but only available by coming to the MLHS Office during regular business hours)

MLSD Staff Badge is Free to Staff member-only (MUST Sign-in at Pass Gate, HAVE Badge visible at ALL TIMES, and be willing to AID in Supervision as if they are ON-DUTY at the school-sponsored event).




Varsity Football

JV/V Girls Soccer

JV/V Volleyball


Girls & Boys Basketball

Girls & Boys Wrestling


JV/V Boys Soccer


Game Tickets


Loren Sandhop
Athletic Director
(509) 766-2666 Ext. 40109
Clint Scriven
Assistant Athletic Director
(509) 766-2666 Ext. 40114
Jennifer Gaddis
Athletic Secretary
(509) 766-2666 Ext. 40110
[email protected] 
It will be helpful to have the following information handy to allow for the accurate completion of your online registration. (Example: Doctor information, Health Insurance Information, Emergency contact numbers)

A parent/guardian should register by clicking on this link:

All paperwork other than the student Physical exam is included in FINAL FORMS.

PHYSICAL EXAMS: A physical exam must be current within the past 24 months and signed by the physician. If the student’s physical expires during the season, they will not be able to play until a new physical exam is received.

The Athletic/Activity Code is in effect from the first allowable WIAA fall turnout date through the Spring State Tournament or end of the year awards banquet, whichever is later and includes enforcement during school-sponsored summer camps.

Your athlete must pay their ASB fee in order to participate in a sport. Free & Reduced lunch qualifies for a reduced ASB fee, but it is not waived. ($50/$35)


Student/Athletes need to be at school to practice or play. No unexcused absences are permissible. Excused absences greater than 1⁄2 a day must be pre-approved through the Athletic Department. Coaches/Advisors will excuse team-related absences from school as a School Activity. Knowing that our athletes need to eat on game days, the following protocol will be used when buses depart during the lunch hours: Kids could have lunch anywhere from 10:40 to 1:20. If a team departure is at 12:50 PM or earlier, Coaches will give the teams 30 minutes to get their gear and grab lunch. For example, the bus departs at 12:30; Coaches will release student/athletes at 12 Noon no matter what lunch they have.


To be an eligible student/athlete, a student must be a full-time student, meaning they are enrolled and actively going to 7 classes (credits) if Freshman thru Junior and maintain at least a 2.0 GPA*; (If a Senior 6 classes (credits) and on track to graduate). Please see the Athletic Department if not on-campus full-time; whether it’s for Running Start, CB Tech, Digital online, or Alternative Education options for a WIAA Contract to make sure you are a full-time student.

*Some coaches may have additional team requirements.

ANY CHANGE to the student/athlete schedule must be cleared through the athletic department to maintain eligibility.

We are required by WIAA to check student/athlete scholarship in two ways:

Student/athletes must pass the minimum number of classes the previous semester of competing or have an ineligibility suspension period.

Pass the minimum number of classes and maintain their GPA on our periodic check (every 4 1⁄2 weeks) during the season. This is a weekly suspension of games until they raise their scholarship.


All official game schedules are posted on both  and electronically to all that subscribe (which is free). Click on the orange SUBSCRIBE button on the site. Please be aware that schedules do change frequently for various reasons, and only subscribers are guaranteed notification of the change. Also, be aware, there are only 3 seasons for high school sports, and each season does practice/play when school is not in session, for example, fall sports start before school does, winter sports go over Thanksgiving and Winter break and Spring sports go over Spring break.

Should an athlete require medical treatment/evaluation for an injury, the athlete will need a note from the doctor clearing them to return to play. Each athlete will be baseline tested with the ImPACT Concussion program. Should an athlete be suspected to have received a concussion, a Certified Athletic Trainer will evaluate them before they are allowed to return to participation. Return to play protocol may involve a progressive approach depending on the severity of the injury and will be monitored by our ATC’s.

Help your Athlete Before, During, and After Competition.


• Know THEIR goals/roles and needs (not your own) and accept them.
• Model poise, confidence, and correct behavior. Focus on our team.
• Give them all the time and space they need. Be a confidence builder.




Please let the players play.

Let the coaches’ coach.

Let the officials officiate.

Let the spectators be positive.

CHIEF PRIDE understands you can only do one at a time.