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MLHS Start of School 2020-21

The first day of school is Monday, September 14th!

Welcome Back!


FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL:  When does remote learning at the high school begin?


  • The first day of school is Monday, September 14.
  • Expect to receive communication from teachers regarding student google classroom codes and other pertinent class information.  (Make sure that your contact information in Skyward is correct.)
  • MLHS Remote Learning Schedule Periods 2-9
  • Students are expected to sign into their classes as directed by their teachers through Google Classroom. See the schedule in the link above to know what days each class will be “meeting.”
  • Attendance is taken daily, so be sure to check in!


FALL OPTIONS TERMS: What is the difference between APEX and MLHS remote instruction?

  • Families who have chosen option 3 (digital/remote instruction for the full semester) will be enrolled in a standalone program, called APEX.  You will be contacted by your APEX instructor.
  • Families who have chosen options 1,2 or 4 (combined as the single Phased-In On-campus option) will be provided remote instruction by their MLHS classroom teacher using Google Classroom until students may safely return to the school building.  Those students will need to pick up their textbooks and wait to hear from their classroom teachers.


CLASS SCHEDULES:  When will my child receive his or her class schedule?

  • While most student class schedules are now viewable on skyward, student schedules are still being adjusted, so expect some changes throughout this week.
  • Students should have their completed schedules by week’s end.
  • If you are in the Remote Learning program (Digital Learning/Apex), you will see two classes scheduled. Each student will take two classes at a time, then after five weeks, the classes will be graded and complete. Then another two classes will be assigned for the next 5 weeks. And, finally, three classes will be assigned to complete the semester.

Families: Please log in to Skyward Family Access and update the following information:

    1. Student Data Verification
    2. Housing Questionnaire
    3. Military Status Form
    4. Home Language Survey
    5. Health Form

You can also download the following forms, complete them and bring them to MLHS:

    1. Housing Questionnaire (HERE)
    2. Health Form (Available to the right on this page.)
    3. Military Status Form (HERE)
Free & Reduced Lunch Form (Available HERE.)

TEXTBOOKS:  How can my child pick up textbooks without a schedule?

Students will be collecting the standard English (Springboard) textbook and math textbooks as well as English Learner student workbooks. Schedules are not needed for the distribution of those items.


When will textbooks be distributed?

  • Grade 9:  Wednesday, September 9th from  8-2pm
  • Grade 10: Thursday, September 10th from 8-2pm
  • Grades 11 & 12: Friday, Sept 11th from 8-2pm

Distribution Requirements:

  • Students will line up in the Commons front courtyard, using the 6 ft spacing guidelines.
  • All students are required to wear face coverings.
  • Students are asked to bring their student picture ID for textbook pickup.


If we missed textbook pick up, when can we come?

Books will be available at the MLHS front desk/counter during business hours.


Will there be evening pick up times?  No


CHROMEBOOKS & WiFi:  How will my student receive a chromebook, or have their broken chromebook repaired? What about Chromebook insurance? What about student Google password reset? Are there free wifi hotspots?


    • Student chromebooks for newly enrolled students will be distributed during their textbook distribution day.
    • Students with a malfunctioning chromebook may swap theirs for a functioning one during their textbook distribution day. 
    • Signs will direct students to the outside school door (100 hall) for this service.
    • Face coverings are required for this service.
    • Student Google passwords were reset for this school year.  Link for Google Password Reset Portal   Student passwords will be reset using the standard default password of:  Fall2020## (## is the last two numbers of student ID) 
    • Chromebook insurance:  Please pay chromebook insurance fee via Skyward  (See instructions below).  In-School Payment:  If you need to pay cash or check, our cashier will be set up in the commons on your distribution day.  Pay first then fill out the form so you have a receipt #.
    • Chromebook User Agreement & Insurance for the 2020-2021 School Year
    • Acuerdo de usuario y Seguro para Chromebook 2020-21 año escolar


YEARBOOKS:  Can my student order a yearbook?


STUDENT ID/PICTURES:  Will there be another school picture/student ID day?

Yes!  Dorian’s Studio will be on the MLHS campus for picture make-ups on:

  • Grades 9-10:  Wednesday, September 23rd from 8-noon
  • Grades 11-12: Thursday, September 24th from 8-noon
  • Line up in the Commons courtyard and proceed into the Commons one at a time for photos.
  • Students are required to wear face coverings.
  • **If you’ve already had your picture taken in August, be sure to complete your picture orders online asap.  Link for Dorian Pictures Order for Aug photos

If you have any questions feel free to call the office at 509-766-2666.

For more information, visit the MLHS website at 


Thank you for partnering with us to make this an outstanding year.




Triscia Hochstatter
Moses Lake High School
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