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Moses Lake High School
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Campus Learning Center

Campus Learning Center

Wednesdays, 9:00 am–11:00 am

Beginning on October 7th, the Campus Learning Center will be available to MLHS students every Wednesday from 9-11 am. If students are needing extra help, a quiet place to work, or need to meet with a teacher this is a great opportunity. This is optional and voluntary with no commitment required.

Academic Tutoring will be in the commons.  Tutoring will focus on Math, English, EL, and Science.  However, other curriculums can also be covered if needed.  Student travel will be limited to the commons unless previously arranged through a teacher.  There will be a sign-in sheet.

Health and Safety Protocol: 

  • Students must take a Health Survey/Attestation before entering the building. (anyone who fails will not be allowed to enter) Students can log into Skyward and take the Health Survey before leaving home or entering the building...  If the Health Survey is not complete or a student has any COVID-like symptoms they should not attend. (When the student signs into Skyward it is usually the first thing that pops up. It is two questions and a save.) 

  • One entry point-commons the entrance closest to the flagpole, keeping 6 ft social distance. 

  • Temperatures will be taken by school personnel prior to entering the building. Anyone with a temp of 100 or greater will not be allowed to enter. Parents will need to arrange to pick up their student if sent home due to temperature.

  • Students will need to wear facial coverings and will be socially distanced while on campus. 

  • The tables will be spaced accordingly.

  • COVID cleaning guidelines will be followed.

Grab and go lunch is available as students leave campus at 11:00.  

MLHS Wednesday Bus Routes

AM Route       PM Route      Stop Location

11:00a            MLHS (Flag Pole) 

8:10a             11:15a            Doolittle Dr & Vandburg Loop

8:20a             11:25a            Central Dr & Meridian (Basketball Court)

8:28a             11:33a            Longview St & Sunny Dr

8:38a             11:43a            Peninsula Dr & Burress Ave

8:50a                                   MLHS (Flag Pole)