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Principal's Message



A new calendar year and a new semester! I wish you all the best and hope the new year has started out well for you. Below is the MLHS Winter Newsletter with important information regarding a school improvement goal and registration for next year’s courses.


As a school, we are always seeking improvement. We are asking you to join us in our efforts to teach students the importance of being on time to class. Student tardiness negatively impacts all students in a class and is likely to significantly affect the capacity of the entire student population to meet rigorous academic standards. Education is one of life’s greatest opportunities and it is important that MLHS fosters an environment where ALL students can benefit. Within the newsletter, there is data that is shared as well as the “In Class & On Time” implementation plan to combat our tardiness issue. Please take some time to review the information. Together, I know we can achieve success and decrease, if not eliminate, unexcused tardiness.


On another note, Moses Lake High School is very fortunate in that we are able to offer A LOT of courses that gives students many choices. Registration for next year’s courses takes place in February. It is important that students plan for their future and choose courses that will give them the best preparation for whatever future path they may take. With that in mind, encourage your student to pick at least one challenging class to stretch their learning. A rigorous, high-quality education for ALL students not only makes them well-rounded but gives them the best preparation for life beyond high school. We expect bumps in the road along the way and celebrate those bumps for this is how students experience hard work and experience growth as a result. I can’t say it enough...learning is about believing in yourself, growth, and embracing high expectations together!


Our vision statement states it well:

Together, we


so each student has life-long success.


Thank you for your support, concern, and interest in our students’ education! I anticipate a strong finish to the school year!


Take care,


Triscia Hochstatter, Principal