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November 1, 2021


Greetings! As a school, we are always seeking improvement. We are asking you to join us in our efforts to teach students the importance of being on time to class. Student tardiness negatively impacts the learning of all students in a class and is likely to significantly affect the capacity of the entire student population to meet rigorous academic standards. Education is one of life’s greatest opportunities and it is important that MLHS fosters an environment where ALL students can benefit. In the 22W10 Chief Chat Parent Edition, there is data that is shared as well as the “In Class & On Time” implementation plan to begin on November 9, 2021 to combat our tardiness issue. Please take some time to review the information. Together, I know we can achieve success and decrease, if not eliminate, unexcused tardiness.


Here is a summary of the “In Class & On Time” plan:

  • An unexcused tardy will result in required Academic Study Session during the first 30 of their 60 minutes of lunchtime to work on schoolwork or study
  • Students will be expected to report to their assigned room at the beginning of their lunch and attendance will be taken. If a student does not show up for their assigned time, they will receive a “Failure to Comply” referral and an email notifying parents/guardians will be sent home. If a student receives a “Failure to Comply” referral, they will be subject to discipline and an Assistant Principal will follow up accordingly.


Tips for maximizing learning for all:

  • Any student arriving to school late must enter through the main doors to the office. If their tardiness is excused (i.e. doctor’s appt, family emergency, etc), please do one of the following: 1) send a signed note by parent/guardian with student (preferred if arriving late to 2nd period), 2) call the attendance line at 509.793.7900, or 3) email the attendance office at . Sending an email is preferred for excusing absences.
  • If you are dropping your student off at the beginning of the day, it is quicker to drop them off further away from the building and have them walk rather than wait in traffic or enter the congested parking lot.
  • If a student is driving themselves to school, help them plan ahead and leave early enough to allow for traffic or weather conditions.
  • Starting on November 8, 2021 passing times in-between classes will increase to 7 minutes rather than 5 minutes. Also, to be in line with all the middle schools, there will not be a one minute warning bell. And, finally, all bells have been adjusted to real-time making them consistent with cell phone times.
  • We continue to struggle with late buses arriving at school in the mornings. For any students arriving on late buses, they will be given a distinct pass to go to class so they will not be marked as tardy.


We are committed to providing students with opportunities to challenge themselves, make sense of their learning, and pose and discuss great questions. In today’s world, it is important that students leave Moses Lake High School with a strong foundation so they can compete in the ever-changing economy. Whatever route a student chooses to pursue after high school, it is imperative they are prepared. Moses Lake High School has many opportunities for students to do just that. We want students to take the fullest advantage of their high school education. As a result, our students have full schedules and are encouraged to have at least one class that challenges them. It is through challenges that students truly stretch and grow. A rigorous, high-quality education for ALL students not only makes them well-rounded, but gives them the best preparation for life beyond high school. Yes, there are bumps in the road when excellence is sought. Through support, teamwork, and acknowledging that such struggles and mistakes are necessary, growth occurs. AND, this, coupled with grit and persistence is cause to celebrate and acknowledge that these are signs that our students are learning at high levels. Learning is about growth and embracing high expectations together!


Our vision statement states it well:

Together, we


so each student has life-long success.


Thank you for your support, concern, and interest in our student's education! I anticipate an outstanding year of growth and learning!


Take care,


Triscia Hochstatter, Principal