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Graduation 2021

CLASS OF 2021 - You are celebrated!

A day to celebrate our seniors ~~ June 11th is almost upon us! Much has happened behind the scenes to bring this day of celebration to you. While it won’t be like any other you have seen in past years, it will be one to be remembered! This community has rallied behind you!

The Graduation Ceremony will be a CLASS OF 2021 PARADE on June 11, 2021. Together, in coordination with Moses Lake city officials including the Police and Sheriff Departments and Grant County Health District, we have planned a parade route through Moses Lake. We hope this once-in-a-lifetime event will memorialize the Class of 2021 for years to come!

To make this day possible, it is important to abide by the expectations developed in collaboration with the Grant County Health District. These expectations are to keep all safe while at the same time allow for the Class of 2021 to have a special celebration. Please note the specific regulations below.

In preparation for this big day, detailed plans are below. 

All the best,

Triscia Hochstatter, Principal


*** Final check to verify all graduation requirements have been met ***

If met, students will receive a ticket with gate and site information which will allow them to participate in the parade/graduation ceremony.

• All seniors will need to attend their final senior checkout on these dates.

• All fines must be paid and Chromebook/charger returned.

• If all graduation requirements are met, a ticket to enter the parade will be given.


Friday, June 4

Tuesday, June 8

Thursday, June 10

Digital & Running Start Students


Maroon, Digital & Running Start


Gold, Digital & Running Start


June 11, 2021
Line-up @ 3:30 PM   |   Begins @  4:00 PM
  • Seniors (and their families) are invited to decorate one vehicle. No extra cars at the Fairgrounds due to limited space.
  • 3:30 PM– Arrive at the fairgrounds designated location (see above). 
    • BLUE GATE: Please stay in the right lane on Valley Road
    • RED and PURPLE gates: Please stay in the left lane until past the blue gate entrance. Then turn right on Airway Drive. 
  • Upon arrival at a Fairground Gate someone will meet you to:
    • Check entrance tickets for each senior and make sure they are at the correct gate (if not, they will be directed to the correct gate)
    • Give each car a bag with programs, alumni information, and graduation information.
  • 4PM– The parade will be escorted by the Moses Lake Police and Sheriff Department and lead to their respective ceremony site. All safety and traffic laws will apply. Drivers are responsible for the safety of all in the vehicle. 

Blue Gate

Red Gate Red or Purple Gate         Purple Gate

CB Tech


Chief Mo

Peninsula Elementary

Lion’s Field

Midway Elementary

  • Many staff members will be at each site to ensure that all are practicing the regulations put in place to ensure the safety of all.
  • Social Distancing and health safety precautions will be in place at fairgrounds and the ceremony sites. These are not social gatherings. Please remain in your cars and abide by regulations.
A group of my friends were planning to ride together. Is that ok?
No. Only the family of the senior is allowed in the vehicle with the senior. If multiple students are in a vehicle from different families, the vehicle will be asked to leave the fairground gate sites to arrange for more vehicles so the ‘one senior/family per vehicle’ expectation can be adhered to.
If my vehicle is a pick-up truck, can my other senior friends and I ride in the back?
No. Again, only the family of the senior is allowed in the vehicle with the senior - inside or outside. Also, it is expected that all safety traffic laws are followed for everyone’s safety.
Can my family make a float or decorate a trailer for the parade?
No. To avoid congestion and to allow for a timely parade and ceremony so all can be honored, the parade must be limited to one vehicle (no trailers, hitches, etc) per senior. However, we do encourage you to decorate the vehicle!
I heard that you can go to any gate or ceremony site you want and no one will check. I was hoping to be with my friends. Is that true?
No. Seniors participating in the parade/ceremony need a ticket with the gate identified in order to be admitted to the parade staging. If you show up at the wrong gate, you will be directed to the correct one. This is important because each senior’s diploma cover is accounted for at their designated ceremony site.
Can my family and friends watch the parade from the street?
Yes! We encourage families to cheer along the parade routes. Please be respectful of driveways, traffic laws, and practice social distancing when doing so.
I would like to be in the picture with my senior. Is that allowed?
No. Unfortunately due to time constraints and safety regulations, family members must remain in their vehicle. Our professional photographers will be taking pictures of only the seniors, but we encourage you to take pictures and livestream the event on Facebook  from your car to share with your families later. 


June 11, 2021


Each Senior (along with their family) will meet at their designated Grant County Fairgrounds gate at 3:30 PM for the start of the Commencement Parade through town to celebrate the Class of 2021! Tickets to enter the gate will be given to seniors during check-out noted above.

Don’t forget to wear your cap and gown! (+ cords, medallions, pins)

Prior to your fairgrounds arrival, please write your first and last (middle optional) name as you would like read at your graduation site as well as your email and phone number on your entrance ticket. These will be used at the graduation site and given to photographers for family contact. 



  • After entering the parking lot of the cermony area, each car will be approached to:
    • Check that each senior has their entrance ticket filled out and is at the correct site
    • Collect picture packets if you wish to purchase (Optional)
  • Once at the staging area, each senior will be directed to leave the vehicle with their completed ticket and walk across the stage.
  • Pictures will be available for purchase. Please have your picture packet filled out with payment and ready to return at the ceremony site. Picture packets will be available at senior checkout. 
  • As is standard practice, seniors will not be receiving their diploma at the ceremony. Diploma distribution will be determined later.

NOTE: All ceremony location parking lots will be closed to all for the event. Only vehicles that are part of the parade will be allowed in the parking lot once they are escorted to the location and individuals involved in hosting the event. 

Senior Slideshow
The Class of 2021’s slideshow is being put together by Ahtziri Guzman and will be shown at Senior Sunset on June 10th!
Yearbooks will be here on August 15, 2021
At this time, yearbooks will be handed out during 2021-2022 Chief Days. This year's seniors can have a family member pick up their yearbook. The yearbook company will be delivering autograph pages in May.  Students can have their cohort sign their pages. In addition, seniors can take their pages to the Graduation Parade.
Class of 2021 Recognitions 
Scholarship Night - Program
Senior Awards Ceremony - Program
20 Outstanding Seniors - Honored at the June 10th School Board meeting @CBTech at 7:00pm

Senior Social
Friday, June 4th
5:00–8:00pm at Moses Lake High School
The night will include dinner, dessert,  a hypnotist show, bingo, and LOT OF PRIZES! The event is open to current MLHS Seniors ONLY (no guest passes). Tickets will be $10 and can be purchased through Ticket Spicket. To purchase a ticket, use access code MVFPJP. Last day to buy tickets is Wed. June 2nd.
All COVID-19 guidelines will be followed.  
Senior Sunset
Thursday, June 10th
9:00pm at Moses Lake High School
Seniors will gather together in the high school parking lot one last time to watch the senior slideshow, release paper lanterns, and celebrate their accomplishments as a group! This event is FREE and open to current MLHS Seniors ONLY!
All COVID-19 guidelines will be followed. 


The official graduation ceremony will be available for on demand listening through a school district podcast: