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Moses Lake High School
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Counseling Team

Each day a school counselor is available to respond to crisis situations in the building (COD-Counselor of the Day). Students in crisis or supporting a friend in crisis may request to see the COD.  
Student or parents requesting to meet with their school counselor are encouraged to sign up using their counselor's link below with the day and time that works best.


Bettina Tate
Counseling Center Secretary
(509) 766-2666 ext. 40130
Kelsi Weber
(509) 766-2666 ext. 40133
Adrianna Luna
College & Career Specialist 
(509) 766-2666 ext. 40134
Amber Valdez
Count Data Specialist
(509) 766-2666 ext. 40135
College & Career Counselor (509) 766-2666 ext. 41134
EL/Migrant School Counselor - (509) 766-2666 ext. 40131
Patty Holloway (A-Com) - Click Here to Schedule an Appointment (509) 766-2666 ext. 40138
Norma Gonzalez (Con-Gq) - Click Here to Schedule an Appointment (509)766-2666 ext. 40137
Custodio Valencia (Gr-Le) - Click Here to Schedule an Appointment (509)766-2666 ext. 40141 (509) 766-2666 ext. 40132 (509) 766-2666 ext. 40140 (509) 766-2666 ext. 40136

MLHS Counseling Team Vision

Our vision is that 100% of students will attain their maximum potential in the areas of academic achievement, personal development, and college/career readiness through data-driven programs. All students participate in a rigorous curriculum and high-quality opportunities for self-directed personal growth. This will be supported by a comprehensive school counseling program which facilitates strategic partnerships between the school, family, and community.